Lapoplap floral Belgian linen and hand-printed tea towels

Lapoplap crocheted baskets and floral Belgian linen

Lapoplap cotton crocheted baskets and pot stands

Lapoplap handcrafted kitchen linen and decor

Lapoplap crocheted baskets, pot stands and oven mitts

Lapoplap crocheted cotton cookie and bread baskets

Crocheted basket photos above by Claudia De Nobrega

Lapoplap crocheted, hand embroidered and hand printed linen and kitchen decorLapoplap floral Belgian linen, crocheted baskets and flower inspirationLapoplap crocheted baskets with roses

Lapoplap hand-knitted snoods and kitchen decor

Lapoplap crocheted baskets - photos by Lanalou Style

Crocheted basket photos above by Lanalou Style